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Welcome to webemeandu.com the official site of paul d sheppard *)

This is a universal site, so we aim to be suitable for all ages, all sexes and all colours and creeds as represented in the logo above.
please allow me to just briefly explain what i call "god's umbrella":

B & W stand for black/white as in not only perceptions of "race" but in terms of challenging binary, "black & white" thinking and categorisation of all things.

M & W stand for man/woman or the masculine/feminine or yin&yang polarities of all things.

e stands for earth as well as equality or empathy.

& is the hand of god which holds the umbrella.

u is the handle! stands for universe (ie. everything as one).

anyway, that's enough of that! we shall look more into that as time goes on i guess..

so, what does webemeandu mean?

it means: we = me and the universe

and this is the only true and divine form of we, where we are all as one.
of course we are not actually separate from the universe but each an individual part of it, so, more specifically/technically webemeand u means:

we = me and the rest of the universe

it is about being connected to all things and all people remembering that we are one on two levels,

a) we are one as individuals

b) we are one together

anyway, its taking me a long time to formulate the essence of this philosophy, so for the time being i am going to be using this website as a platform for my music which is my main priority at the moment.

to start you off, here is our site theme as captured in a rather rough crude rendition in the form of an mp4 video recorded on my tablet back in august 2015 (just me and my guitar):
we be me and u   ( 2:16 )

i'm sorry i'm hiding in the video only believe it or not i can be a bit shy! and quite honestly i'm more about the music than the visual/performance aspect of it.

however my old mp4 videos were never really intended for public consumption more as my own private music journal to capture demo takes of new ideas. believe it or not in over 20 years i have never got round to officially recording any of my songs.. until NOW!

and so what follows is a collection of new recordings (these are .WAV audio files not mp4s) i have made on my new tascam recording/mixing desk along with a tonne of new equipment (drumkit, bass guitar, microphones etc.) that my parents very lovingly have helped me to invest in recently so that i can showcase my music more properly as it is intended to be.
i've tried to select a broad spectrum of some of my most classic songs, some old some new but all recorded with the new setup and so sounding fresh to me if no-one else.
here they are:
RED    ( 4:21 ) this is a brand new song (recorded around late april-early may 2018) and the first new song i wrote since i got all this new recording kit. celebrating the essence of that most primal of colours, red.
fiddler    ( 4:28 ) another brand new song, recorded shortly after RED. this is about me, the guitarist or the "fiddler" (it is an analogy) also about fiddling around with tricky things to try to get them to work out right (much like this whole recording/mixing business) hence why my new album is called  "the fiddle"
The human race   ( 2:59 ) written in late august 2015 this is my anthem for all of humanity and therefore very in keeping with the universal theme of webemeandu.com - the recording here is a little bit clumsy in places as this was one of the first of my new recordings and i was still trying to get the hang of multi tracking but i think it came out quite well in the mix after all. ~at least i didnt cry this time!
nicotine on my mind    ( 1:37 )  one of my early songs from Greatest hits (the teenage years) this was written i think december 96 when i was just 17. about the hectic maddness of nicotine addiction. i actually recorded 2 drum tracks here for some reason but they were so in time you wouldnt know, so i kept them both in and it created a slightly off-kilter jaunty feel in keeping with the essence of the song.
Love in the backyard    ( 4:05 ) a cast iron, bonafide classic for many years i considered this to be my signature song. the theme is me questioning why love should ever have to be secondary to anything else. another from Greatest hits, this was written when i was about 15 or 16 and was the first song i was ever truly proud of i seem to remember at the time i wrote it.
Smiley friend *)   ( 1:58 ) another really classic Greatest hits song, this was written in 95. about a happy and radiant sunny girl called helen bishop who me and my sister made friends with on holiday that year.
Electric bra    ( 2:41 ) a brand new song from a brand new album 'my freaky mess' (june 2018) this was inspired by an electric coloured spray-painted bra my friend james drew and domino's pizza.
4~leaved clover ♣    ( 3:48 )  a recent song from late march-early april 2018 this is a bit hard to explain but is basically a multiple love song for some of the most beautiful girls ive been honoured enough to have met in recent years. part based in reality the lyrics are however mostly fantastical speculation. very unusual song lyrically. unfortunately the bass here is a little on the sharp side but i just couldnt be bothered to do it again, maybe i will eventually revise it.
travelling love ~   ( 4:11 ) this is another track from new album "the fiddle" although the genesis actually goes way back to when i was possibly as young as 10 or 11 before i could even play an instrument. this was my first attempt to write a proper pop song and i just came up with the hook in my head but couldnt really take it any further. the version here is basically me fleshing out the basic concept with a bit more vocal and guitar texturing and variation. simple, but SO catchy! (which i guess is why i still remember it all these years later)
meadow lane   ( 3:41 ) yet another song from Greatest hits this was written sometime early 97 i believe when i was either 17 or 18. its about a dark rainy night where me and my friends got lost in the countryside in my car and could not find our way back to familiar territory. wherever we went we kept finding ourselves back on the same road "meadow lane". the song has a suitably dark, rainy claustrophobic feel to represent the mood of the night in question.
from my head to my toes   ( 4:04 ) written august 2018, this is the last song from 'a little more mess' ep. about wishing.
in-d-go   ( 3:29 ) written june 2016, this is the last song from 'the rainbow album' and is my happy endings song about everything starting to work out in the end, despite a little lingering saddness.
please forgive me if i may not have quite got the art of recording/mixing honed just yet, as i have only just had all this new equipment for about a couple of months or so and some of the earlier recordings are noticeably weaker, but im getting there, slowly but surely i feel. i'm still just really in the experimental stage mixing and remixing again and anytime i get a better mix or recording i shall update the website accordingly.

finally, if you have any desire to get in touch, please feel free to e-mail to the link below. lots o' love from paul *) xXxXxXx